Without Advance Funeral Planning your loved ones will be left with the responsibility to make important decisions while under great emotional strain. It's difficult to make good decisions when stressed. You can diminish their anxiety by taking the stress away and removing the financial burden of paying for your funeral. 

Planning ahead and arranging your own funeral will:

​​​Your Living Trust is not complete without a Funeral Plan.

Plan with Diane

  • Eliminate the financial burden for your loved ones. Planning can bring peace of mind to your family.
  • Make your wishes known, so your loved ones won't have to worry if they made the right choice.
  • Give you a chance to personalize your funeral and make it a celebration of your life. It's a way to get your loved ones involved and make it a positive, healing experience.
  • Planning is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can leave your family to help them cope with their loss.


Making funeral planning easy for you and easier for your loved ones.

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There are over 72 decisions that must be made at the time of your death.

​Give one final gift to your family